Natural Bamboo Straws

The Friendly Panda reusable bamboo drinking straws.

Good for brands.
Good for business.
Good for people.
Good for the planet.

The Friendly Panda is a small family business whose aim is to provide the UK with an eco friendly alternative to the single use plastic straw and in doing so, help cottage industries in Southeast Asia by providing a UK link for the sale of their product …


We also hope that in the future, as further products become available from either the same or other eco friendly suppliers that we will increase our product range and therefore help reduce the use of other items that are polluting our oceans.

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The Last Straw?

Everyday in the UK, we use and discard nearly 24,000,000 single-use plastic straws. That’s 8.4 billion per year. In the US, the figure is 500,000,000 per day, which is enough to circle the Earth 2.5 times and amounts to a staggering 182,000,000,000 (182 billion) per year.

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