Bamboo Fabric Reusable Face Masks


Facemasks have become part of our daily lives and need to 'fit in' so our soft bamboo fabric face masks are available in a selection of wearable colours to suit any outfit, casual or smart.

Being sustainable, washable and reusable, they negate the need for single use disposable masks and help to keep our world free from needless waste whilst still offering the protection we require.

The masks have all the essentials you need with nose wires, adjustable ear loops with wooden toggles, two layers of fabric, optional filter pocket, designed for maximum coverage and each one comes with its own handy storage bag to keep it clean.

Purchase singly or opt for one of our fabulous colour collections to match with your daily outfits - the choice is yours.

Sustainably sourced...


2 layers of fabric (government recommended)

Integral nose wire for enhanced fit.
Dimensions approx 13cm nose to chin allowing for curved fit / 21cm side to side

Stretch ear loops with an adjustable slip knot or wooden toggle for comfort (no plastic to maintain eco friendly goal)

Light sustainable bamboo fabric outer layer which benefits from natural antibacterial properties

Pink Mask

Tightly woven (for increased protection) with a slight stretch for comfort.

Antimicrobial cotton lining to inhibit odours making the masks more pleasant to wear

Inner pocket for an additional filter (of your own choice) to provide 3 layer protection (WHO recommended)

Additional washable linen storage bag for safe storage


5% of the profits from the sale of these face masks is being donated to the ‘Wednesday Run’.
We have so far donated enough to cover 4 months supply of care packages for the homeless! A big thank you to everyone who has supported this.

Supporting a good cause

What is the Wednesday Run?


The Wednesday Run has been set up by a wonderful young lady called Diem. Based in Hanoi, she undertakes every Wednesday night, a ‘run’ around Hanoi to identify homeless people who individually could truly benefit from her personal help.

She does this quietly and without fuss and has managed to turn around for good, the lives of some people genuinely no longer able to help themselves.

For example, she has found a permanent home within her family for one gentleman who has been homeless for 7 years, arranged medical insurance and a subsequent life changing operation for a long term homeless elderly lady, arranged accommodation in the pagoda for another.

Although there are charities in Hanoi who do tremendous work already for the homeless, the Wednesday Run is a personal mission by a lovely human being just trying to help others and The Friendly Panda is pleased to be able to assist in this small way.

to compliment your colouring and outfit of the day...




A pretty, light pastel pink for those days when you are feeling most feminine. A cute and pretty mask.

IMG_4059new mask photos


A contemporary light grey that lends a sophisticated finish to your outfit.



Mint green gives a fresh light look and is the trending colour this season. Match with pinks, white and rose gold for a romantic look or blues and black to be super stylish.

Bamboo Bundle Modern


Two face masks with reusable makeup wipes and bamboo stem cotton buds. An affordable way to mix your products.



Collection of 5 face masks to compliment different outfits.



Choose a pack of 5 face masks with an assortment of colours.

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    Purchaser Comments ….

    “Such a gorgeous, rich colour”
    “I’ve been using paper masks up till now but covid doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon so this beautifully crafted mask feels like absolute luxury.”
    “Who’d a thought a protective face mask could make someone’s day eh?”

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